Camp NaNoWriMo

Posted on 27. November 2012


I just learned that Camp NaNoWriMo (a spin-off of the November project) will be in April and July next year instead of June and August like this year. This is great news for me. In summer, I’m usually travelling around a lot re-enacting, so it would be hard to get much serious writing done (as opposed to making location photos, collecting first-hand experiences and chasing plot bunnies, which is of course great for my writing in general but won’t help me reach any word-count goals). But April usually isn’t as busy – there may be one or two week-end events, but my experience says that I can easily reach 50k no matter if I miss a couple of days. So, any unexpected catastrophes notwithstanding, count me in for that one. I’ll just have to decide which bunny to tackle and do some plotting and research. For “Palmsunday Field”, the planning phase took about two months, so I should probably start planning for the first camp in February. Really not that long off. I’ll do my best to finish editing my current project until then.

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