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Posted on 24. November 2012


Welcome to my new blog. Here, I’ll be sharing news, articles, photos and random snippets about my interest in history and my creative writing projects.

First, maybe a few words about my interest in history. I’m a re-enactor (late 15th century). I’m also crazy about Medieval Martial Arts, particularly fencing with the long sword and participating in combat re-enactments all over Europe (the highlight of the 2012 season being a trip to Tewkesbury for the yearly re-enactment and some sightseeing). Of course, I’m interested in the theory as well as the practice – I read  as many history books as I can manage, particularly about military history.

Now, to the creative writing. Over the last weeks, I participated in “NaNoWriMo“, or “National Novel Writing Month”, a challenge in which participants try to write 50,000 words of their very own novel over the month of November. Everyone who manages that, wins. During the challenge, I completed the first draft of my first work of historical fiction, “Palmsunday Field“, a novel which is set during the Wars of the Roses and describes the events leading up to and including the Battle of Towton in 1461. Now that the first draft is ready, I’ll be busy with editing, maybe adding a bit more content and afterwards working together with beta readers for further improvements.

Apart from that, November has been full of what us NaNo participants call “plot bunnies”, aka random story ideas that pop up in the most inconvenient moments. I have enough of those for either a whole zoo or a whole bookshelf full of novels. Now I have a bit more time on my hands after winning NaNoWriMo and completing my first draft, I guess I’ll dedicate some time to writing down those story ideas, organising them and doing some research to decide which ones are plausible and how I can make them work.

As you can see, there are busy and exciting times ahead even after the end of November, and I invite you all to come over and read about them. 🙂

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